PIXCIR touch solution can be used for mobile phone,digital camera, MID, GPS, E-paper, tablets, ordering machine, notebook and many other applications. PIXCIR touch controllers specially excel in large projected capacitive touch panels. A new family with embedded MCU ideally suits the multi-touch small panels.

Lenovo S2005A 5.0" 
 mobile phone
Dell 5.0"
mobile phone
Yuhua 4.3"
mobile phone
AUO 14"
Touch keyboard
SmartQ-Q8 8.0" Tablet
Ramos 8.0" Tablet
Livall 12.1" Tablet
Dell 12.1" Notebook
Acer 11.6" Notebook
Specific tablet

Tablet computer

Yuhua 4.3"
mobile phone
Acer 15.6" Notebook
BenQ 6.0" E-Book
BenQ 6.0" E-Book
SHARP10.8" E-Book
Asus 9.0" E-Book
Hanvon 10.1" Tablet
AVAYA11.6" IP Phone
Archos 10.0" Tablet
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