Width/Height ratio:7:4, the height of letters—PIXCIR take as 1/4 of the whole height; PIXCIR is the combination of PIXEL and CIRCUIT, referring to its R&D direction. The crystal means PIXCIR’S spirit of innovation, advancement and making breakthrough.


PIXCIR's Mission
To integrate IC industry chain。
Quality Principle  
Well design, strictly control and assure IC’s quality
Keep innovation, standardize management, improve customer’s satisfaction
We adhere to this quality principle, to provide products and service that are beyond customer’s expectation, We focus on self-innovation and reform, and adopt international management, in order to become a great company.
Company Philosophy

Employment Philosophy
Human-centered, with both virtue and intelligence
Appoint people on their merits, enable everyone to fully develop talents
Reasonable talent flow, overall development
Management Philosophy
1. Ambition
To lead the touch application    
2. Aggressiveness
Continuously advance, innovate, and achieve a higher aim
3. Attack
By using relevant strategies according to the market
4. Alliance
Form alliance with middle and low-stream companies to boost competitive edge, and build strong industry chain
5. Achievement
Confident in achieving success  
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