HV100 chip launched successfully
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2018-4-10 16:11:15
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HV100 chip launched successfully

The newly developed 108 channel HV100 chip has been tested and verified at board level, and its performance is very good. The chip is very suitable for larger than 21.5 inches of industrial control screen or super large educational electronic whiteboard screen. Today's world, the development of science and technology is improved rapidly. It is in the era of global frontier trends and innovative products in many fields, such as high-end chips, intelligent terminals, Internet of things and so on. The prospect of medium size capacitive touch screen and large screen market is huge, and it will be popularized in all fields of life and work.

In recent years, Pixcir has focused on research and development investment in a forward-looking perspective, bringing together the company's research and development team, successfully developed of the HV100 chip, to add strong momentum for future development of the company. At present, Pixcir is further to verify the product in including the automotive, large screen and super large screen, to test its strong performance, for the production of a solid foundation.


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