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Tango K

Tango K
Human Interface Solutions

Pixcir Touch Key uses the proven proprietary capacitive sensing to address the replacement of mechanical buttons, potentiometers, membrane keyboards and other electro-mechanical actuators. The fully programmable scan sequences allow also realization of slider and wheel functions and can be combined with user feedback such as

          •Visual information through LED control
          •Audio signal by beeper control
          •Tactile feedback (vibration)

Touch Key advantages include:

      •Highly integrated solution for control panels
      •Optimized product cost
      •Electrical noise and jamming suppression
      •Design simplicity
      •Supports up to 30 buttons
      •Proprietary and robust sensing technology
      •High reliability and durability, increased product life 

 Touch Key typical applications include White goods (refrigerators, washing machines, TV sets, cookers, microwave ovens …) and a variety of appliances

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