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Tango S32

Tango S32

The Tango S32 is a general purpose capacitive sensor , with a bidirectional serial interface (SPI). It senses variations of capacitance using an innovative proprietary concept.  This architecture simplifies greatly the application development and allows the user to create customized solutions. Its speicial capabilities make the system insensitive to environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and also other variations. The chip adapts itself to large series resistance of long lines, especially seen when using ITO technology. The device has low power consumption. The clock is derived from the SPI interface and when the chip is not selected; the current is typically 100 nA. Its scan speed is more than two times faster.

 General Information
 Touch screen size  
 Number of electrodes 32
 Touch functionality True touch 2 Points with external C44
 Cover lense thickness                                         Glass: recommended 0.7mm up to 5mm
PET: recommended 0.4mm up to 2mm
 Stylus Works with conductive passive stylus
 Touch response time < 100ms (from idle to active)
 Supported ITO structures DITO (Dual layer ITO on glass)
SITO (Single layer ITO with bridge)
Rectangular electrodes with opening
ITO on film
 IC Architecture                         
 Sensor and MCU  
 Host interface I2C-compatible slave mode 400kHz/USB
 Package type and dimensions QFN    6mm x 6mm x 0.75mm
 Electrical Characteristics                             
 Operating Voltage 2.7V~5.5V
 Power consumption (single touch) 13 mW with external C44
 Power consumption (multi touch) 2 fingers: 16 mW 
 Power consumption (sleep) < 6.0 µW
 Power consumption (Idle) < 0.3 mW 
 Environmental specifications 
 operating temperature             -40°C ~ +85°C
 Storage temperature -55°C ~ +125°C
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