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Windows 8 solutions

Windows 8 solution is a configurable touchscreen controller combining the proven Pixcir sensing proprietary technology and a powerful 32-bit RISC MCU. The device can accommodate panels of up to 38" and side buttons slmultaneously.

Key features include:

■Windows 8 logo test
■True multi-touch for 10 fingers
■High touch scan rate
■Low power consumption
■Grip suppression
■USB HID host interface
■Palm detection (lock function)
■High SNR (200:1)
■High Accuracy and linearity
■Passive stylus operation

 General Information
 Touch screen size < 38" with external F48
 Number of electrodes 4 x 48
 Touch functionality True touch 10 Points
 Cover lense thickness                                         Glass: recommended 0.5mm up to 10mm
 Stylus Works with conductive passive stylus
 Touch response time < 100ms (from idle to active)
 Supported ITO structures DITO (Dual layer ITO on glass)
SITO (Single layer ITO with bridge)
Rectangular electrodes with opening
ITO on film
 IC Architecture                         
 MCU(Renesas  RX631) External 32bit MCU  256KB Flash  64KB RAM
 Host interface USB HID and I2C
 Package type and dimensions PLQD48    7mm x 7mm x 0.75mm
 Electrical Characteristics                             
 Operating Voltage 3.3V~5.5V
 Power consumption (single touch) 13 mW
 Power consumption (multi touch) 16 mW
 Power consumption (sleep) < 6.0 µW
 Power consumption (Idle) < 0.3 µA
 Environmental specifications 
 operating temperature             -40°C ~ +85°C
 Storage temperature -55°C ~ +125°C
 Report rate                
 1~3 fingers 200 Hz
 4~5 fingers 150 Hz
 6~10 fingers 100 Hz

Pixcir supports popular operating systems, including Windows 8
Windows 8 solution typical applications include Tablets, Portable media playera, MID, Notebooks, Information Kiosks, Electronic whiteboard
, …

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