PIXCIR is the global leader in capacitive touch technology, with more than 20 years of experience, PIXCIR owns biggest advantages in optimize performance, low power design, noise-resistant, advanced technology keeps the product precisely and reliably, PIXCIR is the best choice of product developers who want to go to the market quickly with advanced technology that simplifies the design process, keeps component costs down, and meets the rigorous expectations of today's user communities.

Tango F High Voltage series(medium and large size touch screen solution)

High voltage Tango F64 is a highly flexible touch IC, can be used with almost all types of mainstream MCU, and support the real ten fingers touch. Because there is no built-in MCU, through the external MCU can be flexible to provide I2C or USB interface, with a different number of Tango F64 to provide medium to large size touch panel solution. Compared with the standard Tango F series, the scanning speed is increased by 5 times, and the signal to noise ratio is greatly improved. The maximum operating voltage of the 18V is improved sensor driving capability by 3 times. Especially suitable for large size touch screen applications.

Tango C series

Tango M series can suites for touch panels up to 13.3 inch, True multi-touch for 2 fingers.

Tango M series

Small package size, one single chip can support up to 8.0 inch touch panels, high report rate, high touch scan speed, low power, high linearity, True multi-touch for 5 fingers.

Tango F series适用所有消费类电子产品

Tango F系列是一种灵活性很高的触控IC,可以搭配市面上几乎所有种类的MCU,能轻松支持真实五指触控。因为没有内置MCU,通过外部MCU可以灵活的提供I2C或USB接口,配合不同Tango F IC数量即可满足不同尺寸触摸方案需要。Tango F系列以扫描速度快、低功耗特性而著称,可谓“小快灵”触控芯片的典范。 Tango F系列共有2款触控IC,分别为Tango F32 和Tango F48,这个系列的方案灵感来源于Tango S,但性能指标上有了很大的提高,其中Tango F的扫描速度是S系列的2倍。

Tango S series适用于所有消费类电子产品

Tango S系列产品是PIXCIR开发的早期标准触控产品,没有内置MCU,最多支持32条扫描线,最大扫描速度为30,000线/秒。作为最早通过Win7 logo test的产品,配合1+N在2009年方案成功量产过世界首款15.6寸触控笔记本。
R & D chip

Tango Q seriesCapacitive touch all points IC for medium and large touch panel applications

One single chip can support up to 13.3 inch, with 8 enhanced capacitive sensor front ends, high touch scan rate, High noise-resistance, use the innovative efficient and reliable sensing algorithm, multi-touch for all points.

Tango R series

For cost down Single-layer ITO module, no need the shielding layer, low cost, Multi-touch for 5 fingers.

Tango K seriesCapacitive touch button IC for household electrical appliances application

High noise-resistant, can support up to 32 buttons, support wheels and sliders, cost down capacitive touch solutions for household electrical applications.
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